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Recently I made an Irish version of the New York Times spelling bee game. I wanted to host it on a domain that was easy to remember, but I’d never bought or configured a domain before. Here’s what I learned along the way.

Buying the domain

First I had to choose a company to buy the domain from. I wanted a ‘.ie’ domain since it’s an Irish game, so that limited the options anyway. Initially, I was thinking of using GoDaddy, but they require a tax ID. The only Irish tax ID I know of is a PPSN, which you’re not meant to share with anyone but the government. After asking around on r/DevelEire I decided to go with blacknight. It’s an Irish company so it was simpler to buy a ‘.ie’ domain from them, and they had similar prices anyway.

Next, I had to choose a domain. I named the game beach litríochta, which is a rough translation of spelling bee. Initially I wanted because it’d be super easy to remember, makes sense in both English and Irish, and is kind of funny since “Beach” means bee in Irish.


I thought the domain was free, but it just had a slow redirect. It resolves to, so I couldn’t get it. Instead I went with Beacha is the plural of beach, and it’s still short and hopefully easy to remember.

Buying the domain was pretty straight forward. I had to upload a picture of my ID to blacknight to prove I’m an Irish citizen and that was it really.

Configuring the domain

This is where I ran into some issues. Blacknight is changing it’s control panel, so a lot of its support forum FAQs won’t work for new customers. The old control panel is at, but I was a new customer so I had to use


I already had my game hosted with Netlify, so all I needed was to forward the traffic from my new domain to Netlify. I found this blacknight support article on domain forwarding, but it was using the old blacknight control panel so I couldn’t use it.

I managed to get things working by following the Netlify docs, some back and forth with blacknight support, and some trial and error. Here’s what I did to set up forwarding:

Forwarding traffic

  1. Go to Netlify and select your site -> site settings -> domain management netlify_domain_management
  2. Add your custom domain(s)
  3. Click the options dropdown -> Go to DNS panel netlify_dns_list
  4. Copy the 4 DNS entries from Netlify
  5. Go to the blacknight control panel.
  6. Click the domains dropdown -> your domain blacknight_domain
  7. Click Nameservers Management blacknight_nameservers_management
  8. Select custom nameservers and paste in the values you copied from Netlify. blacknight_custom_nameservers
  9. Now you have to wait “/. I left it overnight, and in the morning my domain was redirecting correctly!

If you’re interested in learning Irish or spelling games in general please check out! It’s free and the code is open source